Dental Technology

Dr. Drew Hoekwater and Dr. Jamie Hoekwater, are committed to providing the highest standard of dental care through the integration of advanced dental technology in Wyoming, Michigan. Our practice stays at the forefront of innovation to ensure our patients receive the most efficient, precise and comfortable dental treatments available.

Key Dental Technologies Employed

  • Digital X-Rays: Our use of digital X-rays reduces radiation exposure, provides immediate results and enhances diagnostic precision for a thorough understanding of your oral health.
  • Intraoral Cameras: Intraoral cameras capture detailed images of your teeth and gums, facilitating a visualized discussion of your oral health and treatment options.
  • Cone Beam 3D Imaging: Our cone beam 3D imaging technology offers comprehensive views of oral structures, aiding in precise treatment planning for complex procedures such as implants and extractions.
  • CEREC Technology: The Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) technology enables same-day crowns and restorations, eliminating the need for multiple appointments.
  • Digital Scanner: Our digital scanner replaces traditional impression materials, ensuring accurate and comfortable impressions for various dental procedures.

Your Experience with Advanced Dentistry

Experience the benefits of our advanced dental technology at Hoekwater Family Dentistry. Contact our office at 616-455-7370 to schedule your comprehensive dental examination with our dentists Trust us for exceptional care that combines innovation and expertise for optimal oral health outcomes.